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Center for Urban and Regional Studies

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Center for Urban and Regional Studies of Saratov State Technical University was started in November 2017. Our mission is to form an interdisciplinary academic and research area as well as a cross-cultural communication with Russian and international researchers on a broad variety of aspects of urban and regional studies.

Our key objectives are:

  • Creating a platform for collaboration of researchers, experts, authorities, communities on various aspects of urbanism, spatial development, regional and urban planning.

  • Conducting fundamental and applied, comparative interdisciplinary studies in accordance with requests of Saratov State Technical University, Government of Saratov region, Administration of Saratov, and industrial companies.

  • Constructing an open environment for carrying out educational activities aimed at raising awareness of people, communities, and the media about actual aspects of urban and regional development.

  • Implementing the results of research in academic contexts and advanced training programs for city administration employees.

Contact information

Center for Urban and Regional Studies State Technical University of Saratov (Russia)

Adress:  410054 Russia, Saratov,  Politekhnitcheskaya ul., d. 5 of 317

Phone: (845-2) 99-85-50

E-mail: innabv@list.ru, urban@sstu.ru