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Automotive Engineering Faculty

Faculty of Automotive Engineering was established in 1930 to offer students who are passionate about automobiles unique opportunities, knowledge and skills in the automotive field.

Today our students are involved in cutting-edge research, and are provided with modern equipment and facilities, including modern software tools. The curriculum is constantly updated to meet the requirements of employers and current trends in the automotive industry. 

About our programmes

The Faculty offers three majors - two Bachelor of Engineering and one Specialist in Engineering degrees.

Major in Operation of Transport and Technological  Machines and Complexes (4-year programme) leading to Bachelor of Engineering degree in:

  • Technical Expertise of Motor Vehicles,
  • Motor Vehicles and Automotive Fleet,
  • Automotive Service.

 Career Opportunities

The programme will equip students with skills to work in public transport and automotive maintenance companies, automotive and fleet service stations, repair shops, and automobile dealerships. 

Major in Land Transport & Machinery (5-year programme) leading to Specialist in Engineering degree in the following specialization areas: 

  • Material Handling, Construction and Road Building Equipment and Machinery,
  • Facilities and Equipment for Emergency, Disaster Recovery and Fire Fighting Services.

 Career Opportunities  

Graduates from the programme will be equipped with the necessary background for employment in: 

  • research and engineering design enterprises,
  • construction companies related with civil 
  • engineering, road building, oil & gas, and agricultural industries,
  • machine-building plants,
  • motor vehicle service centres,
  • automobile dealerships, industrial and commercial enterprises.             

Major in Transport Technology (4-year programme) leading to Bachelor of Engineering degree in:

  • Road Transport Technology and Management,
  • Traffic Management and Traffic Safety,
  • Investigation and Expertise of Road Accidents.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for the graduates in the programme include public transport companies, road police, the Federal Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, and customs houses. 

The students of Automotive Engineering Faculty are offered a variety of extracurricular activities; they design and build cars, take part in the national championships, and numerous sporting events. 

The Faculty members are building cooperation and exchange programmes with Automotive Engineering universities, departments and centres inside and outside Russia.