Версия для слабовидящих
Саратовский государственный технический университет имени Гагарина Ю.А.

Submission Process

General requirements for the manuscripts of papers and submission rules

  1. The journal accepts scientific papers which contain the most recent unpublished and not submitted to other journals research and development results corresponding to the profile of the journal, as well as information materials about the university.

  2. The manuscripts submitted to the journal must be written in Russian or English.

  3. The paper should not exceed 10 printed pages including tables and graphs.

  4. The authors should provide the following materials:

    • the paper formatted in accordance with the requirements established by the journal;

    • a recommendation from a reviewer to the editor to accept or reject the manuscript submitted for publication;

    • information about the authors (surname, first name and patronymic name, place of affiliation, position, academic degree, title, postal address, telephone, mailing address);

    • an electronic version of the paper.

  5. Within five working days since submission of the materials by the author, the editorial committee emails the author that the manuscript is accepted or rejected for consideration.

  6. All the submitted manuscripts of the papers are peer-reviewed.

  7. The editorial committee notifies the author if the paper is rejected because of the quality of its content,

  8. Manuscripts of the papers which do not meet the requirements are not considered by the Editorial Board.

  9. The submitted materials are not returned to the authors.

  10. In the published paper the date of the manuscript submission is indicated. In case of serious corrections in the manuscript, the date of submitting the final version of the paper to the Editorial Board is indicated.

  11. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit the papers while preserving the author's version of the paper content.

  12. Single author papers submitted by the postgraduates are published free of charge.

All the materials are to be sent to the editorial office.