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Saratov State Technical UniversitySaratov State Technical University is one of the largest technical universities in Russia. It was founded as Automobile & Road Construction Institute in 1930. In March 1960 it was transformed into Polytechnic Institute and then in December 1992 it got a status of university.

Today SSTU is a unique educational and research complex including 89 chairs, 8 faculties, 12 educational-research centers and 3 institutes. Over 2 000 professors, lecturers and researchers work for the faculties and research institutes. More than 26 thousand students study here including international ones. SSTU provides education leading to Bachelor, Master Degrees and Diploma in Engineering, IT, Economics and Humanities as well as to Ph.D. in 69 fields of studies.

Information Technologies, Software Engineering and Electronics, Mechanical Engineering and Cultural Studies, Industrial and Civil Engineering, Architecture and Design, Power Engineering and Social Science, Chemical Engineering and Machines for Food Industry, Transport Engineering and Instrument-Making, Sewing Technology and Fashion Design are main direction of education and research in our university.

University scientists are engaged in fundamental and applied research. SSTU is well known for its Russian outstanding schools in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Information Technologies, Electronics, Power Engineering, Mechanics, Industrial and Civil Engineering, Road Construction, Social Studies, Humanities. SSTU is among leaders in innovation activities.

SSTU has more than 770 Ph.D. students who obtain Candidate and Dr. of Sciences Degrees. Our scientists could realize the results of their investigations at the university Technological Park "Volga-Technika" comprising with 47 spin-off companies carried out research and production. Among our achievements are annual Gold Medals (since 1997) in the field of automatic precise processing technology at International Exhibitions in Innovations and Technology in Brussels. Most of SSTU chairs have industrial and research branches at the leading Saratov companies and industrial enterprises which allows students to carry out course and diploma projects based on real needs of the business. From the beginning of 1990 SSTU has been successfully participating in international activities. Many students and academic staff are involved in international training and mobility programs. We are very experienced in Joint Projects within Tempus-Tacis, Eurasia, Inco-Copenicus, Bridge and other international programs. SSTU has bilateral and multilateral agreements with universities and companies of Great Britain, USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, India, Taiwan and others. Following principals of Bologna declaration SSTU offers joint curricula in Web-based Technologies together with the University of the West of England and in Hospitality Management - with the University of Brighton (UK).

Cooperation with International computer training institutions allows to combine higher educational standards of Russian Federation with professional IT standards. Graduates of International Educational Centre of SSTU could get double diplomas: diploma of higher education of Russian Federation and Higher APTECH Diploma in Software Engineering and Higher Diploma in Computer Graphics and Multi-Media.

Together with foreign partners our university organizes annual International Competition in Computer Graphics and Internet Technologies for Kids and Youth. It is called "Digital Wind". The age of participants is from 7 till 21. This competition is very popular in Russia and NIS and we invite kids and students from all over the world to take part in it.

Saratov International Language School (SILS) is the part of Saratov State Technical University. It is an academic center for learning in an international context and a forum for fostering intercultural understanding.

SILS welcomes students from all over the world during the whole year. We have special courses for summer training as well. SILS provides wide variety of courses mostly within the Russian Language, Russian History, Cultural and Social Studies.

Preparatory Faculty for international Students

Most of the SSTU courses are offered in Russian, so SSTU has special 1-year Preparatory Faculty for international students before entering undergraduate programs. The success of your educational process in Russia greatly depends on your ability to understand, speak, read and write in Russian language. You must be able to understand Russian well, and you must be able to take notes easily on facts, ideas and references presented in lectures. First of all you have intensive course of Russian. At the Preparatory Faculty students could improve their knowledge in Math, Physics, Chemistry, IT also in order to join SSTU Russian universities undergraduate programs. Academic year begins every 1st of October and lasts until the 30th of July. After finishing Preparatory faculty students obtain the Certificate and could enter each Russian University.


Saratov State Technical University 
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Prof. Natalia Lovtsova, head of International Department and SILS:
Tel./fax: +7 (845-2) 99-87-10 , 99-87-09